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Majoring In Men Curriculum

Primary Curriculum

Consists of Maximized Manhood, Courage and Sexual integrity. Having Both a Reading Book and a Workbook.

Maximized Manhood

a guide to family servival loaded with anointing truths,being a Male is not a matter of birth being a man is a matter of choice.


a call to all who want to be Champions a challenge for all young men who desire to be success in life,an exhortation to live by winning life’s toughest battles.

Sexual Integrity

 addresses sexuality with powerful insight understanding why God created you to be sexual, and discover the pleasure of honoring your precious gift.

Intermediate Curriculum

consists of Power of Potential,Communication Sex & Money and Never Quit. Having Both a Reading Book and a Workbook.

Power of Potential 

exchange tension for peace of mind resolve mental conflict and guilt, turn anxiety into motivation, regain your vision, renew your dreams.

Communication Sex and Money

 most men would do almost anything to overcome their three primary problems in relationships with women.Communication,sex and money has solid solutions With everyday examples,difficulties and create a satisfying peaceful long lasting marriage.

Never Quit 

God has a way for you to become a winner in every situation,facing the challenges of a job or loss,a mid-life crisis,troubled marriage, moving financial difficulties and general stress can become the fuel that propels you to your greatest victories and success!

Advanced Curriculum

 consists of Real Man,Strong Men in Tough Times and Unique Women Having Both a Reading Book and a Workbook

Real Man

the pressure of unrealistic demands, and exposes cheap substitutes and imitations of true manhood and addresses the full range of a man’s life - marriage,finances,friendships, stress, parenting and spirituality.

Strong Men in Tough Times

a quest for satisfaction in today’s tough times require men to overcome dangerous philosophies and bring hope,dignity and order back to a world in desperate need-man who are willing to be heroes.

Unique Women

gives you principles more than you think you have.You can do more than you think you can.You alone are responsible to use the intelligence, talents, abilities and gifts God has given you.

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