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Man’s Identity 

How do we become a man according to God? We are built, molded, mentored, affirmed and instructed to follow Christ and reflect His character in our daily living. Have you ever wondered what your potential as a husband and father could be if you followed Christ’s plan and design for biblical masculinity? Are you seeking a life with fulfillment that has substance and purpose? Let’s join together and build a positive legacy that will change your kids and transform future generations. 

Our Vision

We believe in building a connection within our local communities and providing resources to pastors, missionaries and biblical leaders. In doing so, we can instill Godly principles to help men become the spiritual leaders God designed us to be.

Our Strategy

Building up men to become future mentors through self-paced studies or classroom settings to help men spiritually mature no matter where they are in life. Our curriculum, Majoring in Men, consists of nine books with supplementary workbooks that assist in understanding scripture on a deeper level and challenges men to mentor others once completed.